Crystal Beach Community Church has an oceanfront setting with picturesque sunsets for providing a unique and memorable wedding. Wedding Photos

So youíre thinking about your wedding at Crystal Beach Community Church?!
First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! And thank you for considering our church.

We work with over 30 couples a year as they plan this special occasion. Read these most asked questions and CBCC guidelines before you call us:

1. Check our web - wedding calendar to see if your date is available. But, donít stop without checking. We do have more than one wedding on the same date, just different times. But itís still a must to schedule early.

2. We prefer at least two months pre-scheduling, but under special circumstances, if date and space are available, and your pre-wedding counseling is completed we will consider your request pending the pastorís commitments.

3. Yes, pre-marital counseling (pre-wedding meeting with the pastor) is required. Both of you must be present and schedule 2 hours. The pastor will use this time to get to know you. There are other important issues that will be discussed and kept confidential in preparation for your life together. The pastor reserves the right to decline your request and also, can require additional counseling time.

4. Think creatively about the day and time. Usually wedding rehearsals are held Friday evening prior to a bridal-party dinner, but not always. Usually weddings are on Saturday afternoon or evening, but not always. Weddings are scheduled at times which allow other CBCC ministries. There will not be weddings that interrupt worship or Bible studies and other pre-scheduled CBCC events. There will always be time between weddings. The church secretary guides this schedule. The pastor has final say.

5. Calendar bookings are not scheduled more than twelve months prior to the event unless special circumstances suggest it necessary.

6. Long-distance couples need to fulfill all requirements (State of Florida and CBCC) even though out-of-town, out-of-state.

7. If you leave a message after hours or on weekends, the secretary will contact you as she has time the following week. Phone numbers are on the Contact Us page of our web site, and at the bottom of this page.

8. The sanctuary holds 200 comfortably, but looks wonderful and cozy with a small number of family and friends in attendance. We use a Clavinova with your choice of many sounds including cathedral organ. There is a central aisle.

9. No animals may participate in the ceremony or be in the CBCC facility.

All requirements are subject to review/change by the CBCC Executive Board.
This is a Christian worship service and we reserve the right to guide choice of music, traditions and rites in accordance with our beliefs.

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If you have any questions,or would like to make an appointment to see the Pastor, please call (727) 784-8222 between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

or, mail inquiries to:

Crystal Beach Community Church
PO Box 571
Crystal Beach, Fl 34681
(note: Mail is delivered only to PO Box)

or, send email to:

Thank you for your inquiry
and Godís Blessings!